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About Us

Faith, family and focus are what we keep our business built around.  We have deep local roots and a desire to serve our community through beauty and positivity.  Supporting our families by helping others see an improvement in their lifestyle is a solid foundation to build our business around, and the personal achievement has never felt sweeter.
Our Company
Green Garden

Started in 2015 by Amos and Jessica, Omaha Yards started out as a simple company with a simple goal: to support the growing family.  The enjoyment of self employment was just what was needed to encourage the development and growth of the children.  There is something about the kids seeing their parents working hard to achieve what was needed to provide for them.  This is becoming a generational business and continues to grow. 

Impact & Growth

With almost 10 years in business, we've built a long list of satisfied customers and business partners that we can depend on for growth and support in to the future.  Building out our team to help guide and train honest and dependable people to continue our forward progress.  We've mowed an extensive list of commercial and residential properties, tipped up hundreds of fences and built numerous decks around the Omaha Metro.  Check out some of the media files in our gallery and see what we've built for others!  


We live in the 'We don't coast' state, but that doesn't prevent us from supporting our fellow Americans in their time of need.  In 2022 we had the opportunity to load up our caravan and drive to Florida and serve the communities most impacted by Hurricane Ian.  Continued support from all reaches of the country is what being an American is all about, and we do it with pride.  


Our Culture
Leaf Blowers

Our goal is to support our community and the families we impact with an honest and moral effort.  What's best for our customers is the guide that we follow and allows us to operate in an honest and up front manner.  Our goal is to support a culture of growth and forward progress for the community that we have the pleasure to serve.

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